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Bringing form and function together Our interior build-out service can be included with a complete building erection contract, a design and build contract or as an individual contract to build out the interior of your existing space or building.

Whether you have a design in hand or need a professional design created for your building, floor, space or room, GGG Construction can fulfill any interior build out request.

Interior build out services include:
  • Design interior space based on customer requirements
  • Determine requirements and obtain & install insulation
  • Coordinate with electrical, plumbing and telephony contractors
  • Wall installation (drywall, brick, tile, paneling, stucco, etc.)
  • Design, shape and build custom interior structures (arches, desks, cutouts, display areas, etc.)
  • Painting (walls, ceiling, trim, doors, etc.)
  • Shelving installation
  • Fixture and lighting accoutrement installation
  • Floor coverings (tile, carpet, wood, etc.)
  • Installation of doors and windows (as needed)
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