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GGG Construction has the expertise, tools and personnel to professionally and affordably price, acquire and install any type of door you may need for your projects. Whether you need a door for a specific purpose as part of a complete building erection or only need to change out the doors on your facility or building for increased security.

Hollow Steel Doors & Frames

Nothing beats the durability, affordability and security of hollow steel doors and frames. The applications are endless. Steel doors are an inexpensive method to enhance and increase the security of your building or facility.

Overhead Doors

GGG Construction is an authorized distributor for Overhead Door GGG Construction is an authorized distributor and installer for the Overhead Door company. We have the experience to install any type of overhead door to include, but not limited to:
  • Steel and wooden overhead doors
  • Commercial & residential garage doors
  • Wind-resistant commercial & residential garage doors
For more information about the types of overhead doors we can acquire and install for your business or facility, contact us or visit the Overhead Door website.